The Art Color Kit Story

At 15, I encountered the power of art after the tragic and untimely death of my best friend, Lanie. I was in turmoil, but it brought me painting as a path to overcome my loss and confusion. Convinced of its value, I worked diligently over the course of 14 years to share the joy, healing, and community art can bring through social initiatives, exhibitions, publications, festivals, and maintaining my own studio practice. 

However, I continued to run into a problem that seemed to be unique to my pursuits. There was a wall built by art-world culture and customs that separated the joys of art from the audience. I'm sure you are familiar with overly academic images accompanied by a "Do Not Touch" sign, or how it is generally frowned upon to break out your own paint set in the middle of an art opening. Music fans can sing along loudly to their favorite entertainers at concerts and laugh at their favorite comedians, but where was the visual art equivalent? How can art lovers "paint and draw" along with their favorite contemporary artists? How can everyone take part in the life-improving qualities that contemporary artists are exploring?

After years of experiments and many prototypes, I developed the Art Color Kit as a fun and carefree way to turn tables around the world into temporary art studios as a way to bridge the divide between maker and viewer.

Our mission is to share the life-changing power of art with every adult and prove, one coloring kit at a time, that it's never too late to create.

Greg Gandy


Gandy Creative, LLC