• Kate Burlech Art Color Kit and River North Art District Sticker by Greg Gandy in RiNo on graffiti wall with line art. Denver, Colorado art scene. Worn stickers on a textured wall. American slap sticker artwork on street 2020. Beige surface worn textured

    Are Your Art Supplies Lonely?

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Are Your Art Supplies Lonely?

  • Tiled Art Color Kit example showing front and back of Art Color Kits in alternating patterns. Jon Nowell, Alex Pangburn, Greg Gandy, Olive Moya, Claire Whitehurst, and Kate Burlech. Coloring sheet, Crayola Crayons, and Sticker visible from back view. 2020

Meet the Art Color Kit!


"A perfect icebreaker for new friends!"


"My niece loved coloring the beach scene, and my nephew tried his best to color the horses haha."


"I feel great supporting local artists and having fun at the same time!"


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